Human-centric AI platform

We identified that we can achieve robust and reliable detection, measurement, and reconstruction of human bodies by building on three distinct product categories that work together to serve our diverse range of customers. The following are considered the three pillars, which will lead us towards engineering a true human-centric AI platform: RedInch, AMB Data, Raymond.


AMB platform overview

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Red Inch

Red Inch

Measurement of human bodies has been done purely by hand for a very long time and even digital measurements are not a new topic. To obtain accurate and repeatable body measurements, a 3D Scanner or a 3D-Bodybox is currently needed. This solution is, however, very expensive and lacks user-friendliness. We are therefore developing a software solution, which allows achieving reliable measurements and a realistic reconstruction of a human on a simple camera like that of a smartphone!

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Through our mass-scan applications, data harmonization, and synthesized data, we gradually create the first-ever digital human body model, -measurement, and -movement platform capable of providing case-specific synthetic data, output, and benchmarks. For users, this means improved training of their models, enhanced reconstruction for XR, and predictive body data.

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One of the biggest opportunities of computer vision: is to see the world through the human eye and to understand complex scenes. Simultaneously, one of the biggest challenges: is to do so reliably and without the need for too much computational power.

We break down the challenging part into pieces by focusing on what matters the most: the human in front of the camera.

With hypersensitive models, we arrive at a robust and reliable enough system suitable for human safety use cases.

This can be used for products like our Robot Collab AI, which is capable of measuring a person’s exact location in real-time via a single camera unit!

We are developing software solutions across different industries

We help the fashion manufacturing industry to produce globally and specifically for their needs while increasing the efficiency and sustainability of their production.

Work Safety 4.0
We help to give machines an intelligent eye to make them aware of their surroundings. A machine capable of detecting humans and reacting to its environment enables a safe collaboration between machines and people.

We help to gather digital, physically-correct body measurement and movement data - even with smartphone cameras.

In metaverse, we help create realistic digital bodies - not only in terms of color but also in terms of shape - so they can represent people in the XR world.

In the automotive industry, we help in simulation with our mass scanning applications by measuring people efficiently and storing the measurement and motion data.

We help to create a healthy working and comfortable automotive environment for people, using our global data set of body measurements.

Let's democratize the digital detection, measurement, and reconstruction of human bodies together!