Mobile software scan, which reconstructs and measures the human body

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Our AMB Meter app is able to provide reliable measurements by using a single photo.

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Here's what you get

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Measure easily and quickly

Get up to 7 linear measurements just by taking a single picture. Keep hands-free and at ease by simply listening to the provided audio instructions.

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Get a variety

Obtain measurements in three different positions: standing, sitting in a chair, sitting on a bike.

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Export insights

Export the measurement data via e-mail and get exportable images on your server. Integrate directly through API in any system.

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Get started

Get our apps running on iOS on both iPhone and iPad currently.


Get volumetric and physically correct 3D bodies by using the same single photo.

We reconstruct both real humans and CGIs.

RedInch helps put humans at the center across industries.


In the automotive industry, we help in simulation with our mass-scanning applications by measuring people efficiently and by storing the measurement and motion data.


In ergonomics, we help by taking people's measurements in a seated position to achieve truly ergonomic design for a healthy lifestyle.


In the medical field, we help by scanning a person's hand, reconstructing it, and suggesting an optimal cast design.


In metaverse, we help create realistic digital bodies - not only in terms of color but also in terms of shape - so they can represent people in the XR world.


In the fashion industry, we help produce globally and on-demand, while increasing the efficiency and sustainability of their production.

Do you like what we do and have you got great ideas on how to help the measurement and body-tracking industry?

Digital measurements made easy.