Human-AI Platform

AI platform where fusion teams collaborate to deliver human-centric products.


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  • build low-code and intelligent applications for your use case

  • bring fusion teams together to reduce friction

  • develop impactful products

  • create more value through your data, models and products


Make your next AI project easy and collaborative.


High-Quality Data

Complete Use Cases

Ethical AI

Increased Productivity

Automated Intelligence

Ease of Use

Quick Support

Team Collaboration

Everything you need for your human-centric project in one place!

Our ready-to-go smart applications help you to generate more data and create instant impact.



Ready to achieve more together?

We help put humans at the center across industries.


The focus is on V2X, as well as, in-cabin human safety and comfort. Optimize simulations with our mass-scanning and reconstruction applications.


Our users get the maximum out of their professional equipment. And find the optimal fit and conditions for the use of their equipment.


Our solutions support the reliable detection of various body anomalies and diseases. Users achieve improved medical and orthotics design, wound mapping and body reconstruction.


Automatisation through the human-centric configuration of the machines. Improved human-machine collaboration by giving machines an intelligent eye, enabling them to react to unusual and dangerous human behavior.


Create more realistic and immersive user experiences through our mass-scanning and avatar reconstruction applications. Our data ensures avatars move and behave more naturally to make them feel as human as possible.


Produce globally and on-demand, while increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the production. One way is by enhancing the processes by giving insight into optimal batch sizes.


Create intelligent surroundings, which move with people and keep them safe wherever they go. With our solutions, we provide visitors with maximum safety and comfort.