News · 08. July 2020
Face masks are back again! We at AMB-technology will willingly help you to reduce your pain.
Press · 01. July 2020
Our solutions for COVID-19 Crisis in PEGASUS.

Press · 14. February 2020
How to attract international talent in #AI / #ComputerVision and #Datascience? Get the answers here. Thank you for the interview- it was a lot of fun with Spiesberger Georg from the TECHCENTER NEUE WERFT. (sorry - german only)
Press · 04. February 2020
We are part of the region's biggest and most innovative companies and are very proud to be in that companionship.

News · 26. November 2019
We made third place in the women start-up competition in London. Where we competed against Europe's best Women Start-ups.
News · 11. October 2019
We were able to kickstart our Vision with the help of family, friends, and A LOT of funding.

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