We believe products and industries should be built around people for their efficiency and safety.

That is why we help you with our Cognitive Platform to digitally Detect, Reconstruct and Measure Human Bodies - on any camera and any platform.


We help the fashion manufacturing industry to produce globally and specifically for their needs while increasing the efficiency and sustainability of their production.


We help to gather digital, physically-correct body measurement and movement data - even with smartphone cameras.


We help to create a healthy working environment for people, using our global data set of body measurements.


We help to create realistic digital bodies, not just in terms of colour but also their shape. Drawing on our knowledge of global body measurements, we strive to build a diverse digital world.


We help people to achieve their fitness goals with our interactive digital training and to track their training progress and effectivity by measuring precisely, anywhere with any phone.


We help to give machines an intelligent eye to make them aware of their surroundings. A machine capable of detecting humans and reacting to its environment enables a safe collaboration between machines and people.


We help to make an intelligent surrounding, which moves with you and keeps you save wherever you go. With our expertise humans stay safe and sound.

Our values





We focus on people and build products that enhance their capabilities

and ensure their safety.




Our products are intuitive and provide the simplest solution. Always.



We are connected to our customers as a corporate network.



We aim to always serve the needs of our customers and their customers. 



We aim to fundamentally change processes for the better. 

Meet us

We believe in the power of our Convolutional Neural Network and our people. Behind AMB-technology, there are team members, partners and mentors coming from all over the world.

Where there are none, we are already working on it. 

If you would like speak to our experts about Computer Vision, ML or 3D Graphics or become part of our network:


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photo-credit: PEGASUS, die Wirtschaftszeitung der OÖ Nachrichten 

With intelligence and measurement against corona

This year might not be remembered as the greatest, but here at AMB-technology we tried to come up with solutions that could ease this pain for all of us.


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We are in the futuruzone !


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